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Joy in Movement


I was motivated to join J.I.M for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to support my friends, feeling proud of their endeavors, and simultaneously seeking a consistent fitness routine. The unique approach of J.I.M, combining Pilates with heat, intrigued me greatly, especially after dabbling in Pilates earlier in the year. The convenience and effectiveness of the 30 to 35-minute classes within a busy schedule appealed to me, contributing positively to both my mental well-being and physical health. J.I.M's infrared setup not only provided a distinctive workout environment but also offered additional health benefits. The small class sizes, dim lighting, and loud music created a supportive atmosphere where self-consciousness faded, allowing focus on personal progress rather than comparison. The variety of classes each day ensured continuous engagement, with the familiarity of the format providing comfort while the ever-changing exercises kept things exciting. Overall, J.I.M stood out for its unique blend of exercise and atmosphere, offering a safe and effective space for anyone on their fitness journey.
  • Consistent, achievable 30-35 minute classes
  • Prepared for European adventure with J.I.M's intense workouts
  • Unique infrared environment enhances workout benefits
  • Enjoyable variety in daily classes, promoting engagement
Joy in Movement


My first impression of J.I.M was how challenging and intense it felt, particularly with the amount of sweat involved. Despite finding it tough initially, I've grown to love it over time, now feeling excited when my alarm goes off in the morning. The quick five-minute prep and intense 30 to 35-minute workouts leave me feeling exhilarated both mentally and physically. Physically, I've toned up without going overboard, and mentally, it's been a game-changer, boosting my confidence significantly. The variety of classes, ranging from abs and arms to legs, stretching, cardio, and yoga, keeps things interesting and ensures a well-rounded fitness experience.
  • Challenging yet rewarding workouts
  • Exciting morning routines
  • Physical improvement without excess
  • Positive impact on mental well-being
Joy in Movement


I found out about J.I.M through friends, leading to a great social experience. It also offered me the flexibility to attend alone when I preferred. Getting my mom involved was a cool addition. Starting at the gym with minimal fitness goals helped me realize my potential and how to apply those skills elsewhere. It was beneficial for my regular training. J.I.M had a profound positive impact on my mental well-being, fostering new connections and providing something to look forward to. The unique heat experience during workouts was invigorating, making me feel great afterward. The variety of classes at J.I.M was refreshing, offering different workout intensities and focuses. Some were more stretching-oriented, while others provided intense cardio sessions, catering to diverse fitness needs.
  • Social bonding with friends and family
  • Realization of fitness capabilities
  • Positive impact on mental well-being
  • Unique heat experience during workouts

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I tried the infrared class today and loved it! Felt great moving and stretching in the heat. Would highly recommend!

Amanda Davis

Have been attending the Infrared workouts for several months now, and absolutely love them! They're a great option if you're looking for a less intense workout, but still want to sweat and feel a burn.

Tegan Whitelegg

Infrared classes have been great on tired, sore muscles. Always sleep well and feel refreshed by the heat and small amounts of movement in each class.

Craig Ross

Great experiences! Great training! Great sessions! Infrared sessions are great and is a different type of fitness.

Junior Talipeau

I love the infrared classes! It's both enjoyable and a good challenge, you leave feeling great!

Maya Haag

I tried my first ever infrared class at J.I.M and I absolutely loved it! The classes are such a great way to add some variety into your workout routine and make working out fun!

Taylor Lugo

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